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Media Services

Proven Results

Our services meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients - from small startups to big brands.

We deliver results with measurable growth.

Please get in touch with us today to learn how Timothy Go Media can help your future success.


TV Host

If you are producing a show on TV or online and need a lively host, look no further.

Timothy Go hosted several lifestyle programmes both on tv and online, including travel shows, cooking segments, cars, technology, fashion and many more.

He also anchored prime time news for more than 20 years.

Voice Over

Timothy possesses various voice styles and colors to suit your needs.

Documentary, commercial, promo, hard sell, soft sell, narration, serious, friendly, comedic, dramatic, and many more.

Timothy has a standard North American accent.



Do you have a panel of experts ready to share their knowledge and opinion?

We can help facilitate an open discussion, that will engage and inform your audience.

Timothy Go is an expert at managing forums on stage, radio, and on tv; through the years, and brings with him his unique and engaging style.

Your audience will leave the forum well informed.

Event Host

If you need an event host or an emcee for a private function, Timothy Go's natural charisma is what you are looking for.

Timothy's years of experience on stage, his wealth of knowledge, and his lively, and easy-going, yet credible personality, are ingredients that make the perfect host.

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Media and Public Speaking Coach

Learn how to be media-ready from an established international news anchor.

Coaching sessions are designed for executives preparing for various media interviews, on camera, radio, and podcasts.

Learn what to say, and how to effectively convey your message.

Radio Show Host and DJ

Timothy's media roots is radio.

He is a bonafide radio talk show host and news anchor.

Timothy's varied music interest also makes him a perfect radio DJ for any kind of music.


Corporate Video Interviewer

Bring the best out of your corporate spokespeople.

Timothy Go has years of experience interviewing C-level executives from corporations big and small, his interview skills will make your boss' message crystal clear for any corporate videos.

Social Media Partnership

Timothy Go has partnered up with a range of companies and organizations like DHL Express, Samsung, Dell, Hp, Singapore Polytechnic, LG, Cyber Security Agency of Singapore and a lot more.

Timothy Go has the credibility, from years of broadcast news work, that makes him very effective as a social media partner.

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